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    Tiptoeing in Childhoods

    Research shows that the habit of tiptoeing is seen more frequently in girls. Unless it is permanent, tiptoeing can be considered normal until age of 4. After 4, tiptoeing can lead to short Achilles’ tendon and may be an indication of other diseases. In such case, parents shall monitor the child with tiptoeing habit carefully. It is also important to have the child examined by a paediatric orthopaedist when necessary.

    Diseases that may Cause Tiptoeing

    In diseases that affect skeletal system, such as cerebral palsy, unequal leg lengths, congenital muscle shortness can also cause tiptoeing. However, finalizing these reasons and applying right treatment requires detailed examinations and gait analysis when necessary.

    Diagnosis and Treatment of Tiptoeing

    A child with recognized tiptoeing habit shall be taken monitored by a paediatric orthopaedist to identify the definitive reason and to treat in the early stages, when necessary.


    Contents of the page are for information purposes only, you must consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.