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    Congenital Feet Problems

    Z foot (Skew Foot): It’s a foot deformity where the heel steps inside while the middle of the foot steps outside. It has to be corrected surgically. Child is operated after age one. It’s generally accompanied by other diseases. The aim of the surgery is to achieve feet that step strong and maintain day to day activities.

    Accessory Navicular: Having an extra bone on the inside of the foot. It is corrected surgically if it causes complaints.

    Polydactyly: Having extra digits on the feet. There are generally six digits. Diagnosis requires x-ray. The part not connected with a bone is surgically removed.

    Syndactyly: Condition of digits being fused.

    Congenital Vertical Talus: The most common congenital feet problem after Pes Equinovarus. It’s congenital rock bottom at the feet. It can be accompanied by diseases such as Spina bifida or can be seen alone. Some can be treated with serial casting while some require surgical operations.

    Tarsal Coalition: It’s seen in minority of children thought to be flat footed. Flat-footedness is rigid and does not heal. The reason it does not heal is tarsal coalition. It is generally seen along with many other diseases.


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