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    Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency

    Shortness of the femur results from a problem during the development of this bone in the womb. It may manifest at differing severity such as lack of hip joint, developmental retardation of the bones forming the hip joint, femur forming in full but with insufficient length or bone not developing at all.

    While there may be familial predisposition that is not completely resolved can be seen in formation of the disease, generally the patients are the first in cases in their families. Presence of this anomaly can be recognized in the womb with ultrasound and family is informed on the process that will follow after birth. This anomaly can be accompanied by deficiency in bone structures under the knee, weakness in anterior cruciate ligament or formation anomaly in the knee or mobility restrictions in the knee or the ankle.

    The treatment of the disease that can be detected in the first examination of the child can consist of multiple surgeries practiced at different ages. Important criteria for choosing treatment option are estimated final length of the femur, condition of the hip joint and condition of the feet. While the short bone can be lengthened, corrective bone surgery or freezing joints can be necessary. Use of prosthesis that will remedy mismatching length and improve functionality is required during and after the treatment. Surgical treatments related to this disease are successfully practiced in our clinic.


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