• 15 FEB 17
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    Risk Factors in Perthes Disease

    Perthes disease is caused by disturbed blood circulation in the round top of the femur bone. Manifesting in ages 4 to 8, this disease is seen in 1 child in every 10,000. Perthes generally occurs in only one joint. Occasionally it can be seen in both hips. Since it can be mixed with other diseases, attention shall be paid during diagnosis. The cause of the disease is not known.

    However, research reveals that, although the causation is not clear, below predispositions create risk of catching Perthes disease:

    • Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
    • Countries with lower socio-economic levels
    • Family history of Perthes disease
    • European and Asian races
    • Birth with low birth weight
    • Being present in smoking areas (passive smoking)


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