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    Treatment Methods in Cerebral Palsy

    The goal is different for each child. Some children have problems in sitting and some in walking. Therefore aim is to enable sitting in some children and walking in others.

    Orthopaedic studies in this area can be grouped in four categories;

    • Some patient are not intervened and waited upon. Only methods such as physical therapy are used, patient is monitored and intervention is made when necessary, in light of the recommendations of the physiotherapist.
    • Botox is applied. Botox stops contraction of muscles that contract excessively. Muscle is elongated with physical therapy or using casts and stressed muscles are relaxed. This facilitates physical therapy and is sometimes used as a method of preparation to surgery. Botox starts to take effect in three weeks; its effect is maximized in three months and diminishes and vanishes in another six months. It can be applied to suitable patients with intervals of six months-one year.
    • Soft tissue surgery is performed. These are called tendon relaxation and muscle transfer surgeries. These surgeries are suitable for patients that will not benefit from Botox. Muscle transfer; is transferring whole or part of muscles working too much to other parts of the body. Thus joint disorders and walking is corrected.
    • A group of patients undergo bone surgeries as botox or soft tissue surgeries will not be effective anymore. Bone deformities and joint disorders are corrected and dislocated joints are relocated.

    There is a general pattern in orthopaedic treatment of the disease; following  with physiotherapy before age two, Botox between ages two to five; soft tissue surgery between ages five to eight and bone surgery after age eight. However this pattern has exceptions.

    The most significant problem in our country in treatment is the patient not having access to all the doctors that need to cooperate in the treatment at the same facility and difficulty to access right specialists. We have physiotherapists we work together with in our centre and we also enable patient to have a comfortable treatment process by directing to doctors from other branches when necessary.
    With our vast experience, we perform treatment of many patients and hundreds of surgeries.


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