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    Gait Analysis

    Three Dimensioned Gait Analysis

    Gait analysis is a diagnosis method that is extremely helpful to treatment when performed and analysed by a specialist doctors or physiotherapists. It provides significant benefits in cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, those starting sports, sports injuries and prosthesis users.

    Gait analysis includes all studies done to determine the methods of walking. Gait analysis consists of three stages, first the physical examination of the patient is completed. The patient is observed while walking. Then walking of the patient, body movements and muscle positions are recorded with various devices and computer aid. Thus walking is objectively assessed by the specialist. However these two stages are not sufficient without the third stage necessary to gain a completely accurate result. In this stage certain points on the patient’s body are marked. Data obtained with the help of marker reflectors are computerized.

    In our country gait analysis is done only by recording a video of walking. However, it shall be noted that gait analysis consisting of examination and video records do not yield accurate results. When condition of the patient is established with digital data, regular revaluation of walking and treatment follow up becomes easier. Additionally, digital data must be interpreted by experts. It is a diagnosis method that contains vital details only when evaluated by doctors specialised in walking analysis.

    Who can be analysed?

    Gait analysis can be applied to any patient above age 4. Independent walking ability of the patient is important for diagnosis. Therefore gait analysis shall not be performed on children below 4.

    Gait analysis is used on children with cerebral palsy, patients with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and people using prosthesis. Especially amputees undergo gait analysis before the prosthesis. It is repeated for control after the prosthesis is attached.

    Being an efficient method in determining treatment protocol in children with cerebral palsy, operation and other treatments are used depending on the results of gait analysis. Gait analysis is repeated at least in 3 months and preferably in 6 months. Treatment can be revaluated based on the results.

    Athlete Gait Analysis

    Gait analysis is an examination also used for person actively engaged or planning to be engaged in sports. Gait analysis is used during childhood to determine which sport is more suitable to the body type of the child.

    Gait analysis is also done in persons actively engaged in sports to accurately determine the results of the treatments applied after injuries. It is especially highly effective in determining the time to resume competition for athletes that undergo surgery.


    Contents of the page are for information purposes only, you must consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.