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    Tendon Transfer from Behind the Ankle

    Tibialis Posterior Tendon Transfer

    Tibialis posterior muscle tendon passes through the ankle and is located at the interior and back of the feed. In children with foot deformity due to spasticity, this deformity is evaluated by the paediatric orthopaedist and tibialis posterior tendon transfer can be decided. While this tendon transfer can be done alone, it can be done in addition to other bone, tendon or soft tissue surgeries

    Surgery for Tendon Transfer from Behind the Ankle

    In tibialis posterior tendon transfer, part of the tendon is moved to the front of the feet and is fixed. After the surgery there are two scars of 4 cm each at the front and interior of the ankle. Cast can be used on the patient according to decision made during the surgery. The cast stays for 6 to 8 weeks. At the end of this period physical therapy starts by protecting the operated area with auxiliary devices. Children that are able to walk before the surgery are allowed to walk by stepping on the cast. Patients are called for control examination at days 10 and 21.


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