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    Surgery for Tendon Transfer from the Front of the Foot

    Tibialis Anterior Tendon Transfer

    In clubfoot or due to muscle spasm in children with cerebral palsy, front of the feet can be turned inwards or stepping on outer side of the feet can occur. Upon evaluation by paediatric orthopaedist, part of the tibialis anterior muscle in the front of the ankle is relocated to prevent deformity caused by extensive contraction of the muscle.

    After the tendon transfer cast is generally applied to protect the current position and to protect against trauma during tendon healing process. After six weeks of cast treatment, the operated area is protected with auxiliary devices and physical therapy is started. Children that are able to walk before the surgery are allowed to walk by stepping on the cast.

    Cast Application

    Blood circulation at the feet is monitored by the paediatric orthopaedist after the cast application. Family is trained and recommended to remove the cast and consult the doctor in case of excessive swelling, bruising or if the child is uneasy. Patients are called for control examination at days 10 and 21.


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