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    Muscle relaxation at the back of the heel and leg

    Muscle Relaxation Surgery

    Gastrocnemius muscle is located at the back of the tibia between the knee and the ankle. Stressed due to increased spasticity in diseases such as cerebral palsy, this muscle may lead to tiptoeing and disturbance of walking mechanics. Upon evaluation of paediatric orthopaedist, muscle myolemma can be accessed for relaxation with a 3 cm cut from under the middle of the tibia. Similarly, based on examination, Achilles tendon can be relaxed by accessing from below the tendon at heel level.

    After Muscle Relaxation Surgery

    After the surgery cast can be used depending on the examination. When cast is not used, patient is mate to use a supportive device (brace) to keep the leg in position. Patients that have the ability to walk before the operation are allowed to walk after the operation by stepping on the cast or brace. Patients are examined by paediatric orthopaedists at days 10 and 21.


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