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    Leg Lengthening Treatment

    Duration of Treatment

    During leg lengthening treatment, post operation rehabilitation and exercise are very important. Exercise program is continued during lengthening period and while waiting for bone recovery. Walking is allowed during this process with the exception of motorized nail method. People can work by sitting by professional life shall be suspended for six months, if person is working in a physically demanding job.

    There’s no problem in engaging in sports but it would be good to give a one year break to sports such as basketball and football. Patient shall stay away only from sports that may cause falling and impact since they may not tolerate another fracture in the early period and may have psychological problems.

    Conditions that require the treatment to be halted

    The most important reason that may halt the treatment is infection. Treatment shall be halted immediately in case of any infection caused by surgery or occurred later for any reason, especially if combined method is used. Another reason is patient experiencing problems related to circulation or nerves (For example patients may express that they do not fully feel their feet). In such cases treatment is not continued.

    Apart from these, there are patient related conditions. Patients shall observe the exercise program and protect joint mobility. If there are problems in joint movements, rehabilitation program is intensified, but the treatment can be stopped if no response is achieved.


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