• 15 FEB 17
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    Deformity Correction in Children

    Deformity corrections are treatments that can be applied to a wide range of age groups. Deformity correction in its simplest definitions reminds leg deformities. Treatment of disorders colloquially known as bowlegs and knock-knees are included in this field. While looking at the legs of the child from the front, it’s bowlegs if knees stay apart and knock-knees if the knees are closed but feet area apart. Knock-knees is more frequent in children while bowleg is less common, bowlegs is seen more as adolescence approaches.

    A group of these deformities must be corrected because it can cause a problem called calcification as it disturbs load distribution between the knee, hip and ankle. In other group, it is considered that future years will not cause any problems despite minor deviations. However these persons may undergo cosmetic correction to have better looking legs.


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