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    Flatfoot in Children

    What is flatfoot?

    Normal anatomy of the foot has several curvatures at the sole. These curvatures created by the layout of the foot bones are supported by muscles and ligaments. Decrease or lack of the longitudinal curvature of the inner foot sole is called flatfoot. It is called “pes planus” medically. Flatfoot draws attention of most parents and children are generally subjected to use of insoles or such treatment unnecessarily due to concerns of the parents.

    Children at the ages before walking age generally do not have the curvature due to thickness of the fatty tissue at the sole and families try to diagnose these children with flatfoot even before they start walking. However, it shall be remembered that the child will have normal foot anatomy as she starts walking, when the fatty tissue starts to thin. Therefore, in suspicion of flatfoot, child shall only be monitored and doctor shall be consulted when flat foot does not disappear. Special shoes and insoles used in the process will have no contribution to the process.

    Selection of Shoes and Insoles for Flatfoot

    Most of the flatfoot cases observed in walking age children are flexible type and definitive diagnosis is made around the age of 4. With the development of the ligaments in the child feet, flatfoot generally disappears at these ages and child’s feet will gain normal anatomy. Boots recommended by paediatric orthopaedist are generally given not to correct the flatfoot but to increase walking comfort of the child.

    In a rare variant of the flatfoot, foot curvatures are not present from birth and these cannot be created by hand in the examination made by the paediatric orthopaedist. In suspicion of such a case, advanced examinations and special treatments are used.


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