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    Femur Correction Surgery in Children (Femoral Osteotomy)

    Femoral Osteotomy

    Spasticity of muscles in children with cerebral palsy is observed to cause turning inside or twisting in femur bone in some cases. These deformities lead to walking with bent knees or walking with feet turned inwards in patients. Upon assessment of the paediatric orthopaedist, femur can be accessed with an approximately 6 cm cut from top section close to the hip, middle section or lower section close to the knee. After correction of the bone the new position is fixed with a metal implant. Based on the decision made during the surgery, casting can also be used. Children that are able to walk before Femoral Osteotomy as allowed to walk in the second week following the surgery, without weighting on the operated leg.

    Surgery and post-surgery

    As the pain of the patients subside, physical therapy is started and related joints are mobilized by the physiotherapist. Patients are called for control examination on days 10 and 21. Implants placed during surgery can be removed after 6 months if the bone union has completed.


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