• 25 FEB 18
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    Tight Area Muscle Relaxation Surgery (Adductor Tenotomy) in Children

    Adductor muscle group is responsible for the movement of the femur bone towards the central line. In children with cerebral palsy, spasticity of this muscle can create a clinical picture that may lead to disturbance in hip mechanics and eventually hip dislocation.

    Due to two femurs being close and even being cross, starts to cause problems in standing erect, sitting and personal hygienic care. When deemed necessary by the examination of paediatric orthopaedist, botulinum toxin or relaxation surgery applied to these muscles. Surgery is done through a 1 cm cut and the remaining scar will be minimal.

    No cast is used after surgery but a device that keeps hips separated can be used by the decision of the paediatric orthopaedist. Extensive use of physiotherapy is important to prevent muscle shortening. Patients that have the e ability to walk before the operation can walk after the operation.

    Medicine prescribed after being discharged shall be used and polyclinic visits at days 10 and 21 shall be followed.


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